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All of you must have heard this word n number of times .So let us first comprehend what Career Counseling is, it is an interpersonal methodology intended to help people with profession improvement issues. Career various components that impact your career advancement, these are your hobbies, capacities, values, identity, advising is a deep rooted process that, whether you know it or not, really began when you were born. There are foundation, and circumstances and so forth. It is a process that will help you to know and comprehend your enthusiasm for a superior way and the universe of work so as to make vocation, instructive, and life choices. Career advancement is more than simply choosing a major and what work you need to get when you graduate. It’s a Process for your complete life, implying that for the duration of your life you will change, circumstances will change, and you will consistently need to settle on career and life choices. The objective of this is to not just help you settle on the choices you have to make now, however to provide for you the learning and aptitudes you have to settle on future profession and life choices.

Career directing is a customized process that consolidates both natural and cognitive strategies to help you comprehend yourself and to investigate profession alternatives, and illuminate and achieve craved profession/way of life objectives. The methods of profession advising offer knowledge, direction and backing to help you know and oversee changed vocation and way of life issues. Career advising and direction by and large includes eye to eye cooperation, and/or communication through different mediums like phone, letters, or Internet. Notwithstanding, most essential of all is the coordinated communication between the vocation advocate and the customer. A Career Counselors deals with individuals who are settling on profession choices and decisions or adapting to changes like- decision of subjects, profession changes, and repetition. The matter of profession choice, and an understudy’s bearing and advancement towards proficient objectives frequently assume an essential part in the improvement of individual character and reason, and in addition constructive respect toward oneself and interpersonal working..

The Aim of Career counselling

The Aim of Career advising is to Provide precise, present and pertinent data related to the identity and capabilities of the person which is vital to profession direction. Your Career instructor guides you about distinctive profession choices accessible for you and how one word related field varies from an alternate furthermore about the diverse levels (authority, talented or semi-gifted) of occupations inside every field.They guide you about the scope of Career opportunities accessible with the touchy utilization of option suggestions at the starting stage itself. Thus, on the off chance that you discover your enthusiasm for entering great school is unattainable, learning of different fields which will be given by the career adviser to you will be valuable to create just as fascinating conceivable outcomes.

Who do you Think needs Career Counseling?

As Career advancement is a deep rooted methodology, Career Counseling can be suitable for anybody of any stage, including first year recruits, younsters, seniors, and even graduated class or alumni. The prior you begin settling on deliberate choices about your future, notwithstanding, the better set you up will be! We suggest that all first year recruits or freshers should go and visit with a Career Counselor.

How Career counselling is done?

Career counsellors may/may not use interest or aptitude tests in counselling interviews. This acts as a process of self-exploration which can help in having a better understanding about the candidate and interest detection which helps in better career choice and decision-making of the Person. Career counselling, thus, extent both the internal psychology of the person and the external contexts of education and employment.

Who is a Career Counselor?

Your Career Counselor holds a bosses degree in directing and has ability in profession improvement hypothesis, guiding methods, organization and elucidation of evaluations, and career information resources . Your pursuit of employment/ profession accomplishment procedure is likewise a discriminating part of your vocation advancement, and along these lines, Job Search Advising and Career Counseling are interlaced. Your Career Counselor is additionally completely prepared to aid with all parts of your pursuit of employment.

How Your Career Counselor will help you?

  • To make sense of who you are and what you need out of your instruction, your profession, and your life.
  • Be somebody for you to converse with about your musings, thoughts, emotions, and worries about your profession and instructive decisions, it will bail you deal with, sort out, and understand your considerations and sentiments.
  • Help you perceive the components affecting your vocation improvement, and help you survey your diversions, capacities, and qualities.
  • Help you spot assets and wellsprings of vocation data.
  • Help you to focus next steps and create a plan to attain to your objectives.

Exploring Career and Major Options available:-

  • I have no clue what I need to do with my life.
  • I don’t recognize what to real in.
  • I’ve limited it down to a couple profession alternatives, yet I’m having some major difficulty picking between them.
  • I comprehend what I need to real in, yet I have no clue what I need to do once I graduate.
  • I comprehend what I need to do, however I’m not certain what the best major would be.
  • I need to comprehend what sorts of occupations I can get with my major.
  • I don’t feel like I know enough about all the diverse professions out there to recognize what I need to do.

Resolving Conflicts

  • I like many subjects, and I continue changing my major on the grounds that I’m not certain which one is the best for me!
  • I dislike any of my classes and none of the majors appear to be truly speaking to me.
  • I have a ton of work experience and I need to discover another vocation way that will expand on the abilities I as of now have.
  • I truly like my major, yet its not what I need to accomplish for my profession.
  • I realize what kind of work I’d like to do, however I’m perplexed I won’t have the capacity to profit doing it.
  • My family truly needs me to be something(example Doctor), yet I’m not certain if that is truly what I need.
  • I need to discover a field to go into where there will dependably be a lot of employments.
  • I need to discover a vocation that will permit me to give critical money related backing to my gang.
  • I’m working towards my vocation, yet I think I may very well truly need to be a stay-at-home parent.
  • I’ve generally wanted to stay in Boise, yet to do what I’d like to do I’d need to move.
  • I can’t discover an occupation, so I’m considering going to graduate school.


First and foremost step is “Who”,the WHO is you. It begins with altogether evaluating yourself to have a complete learning around oneself: what you like, what you’re great at, and what is important to you in work. To help with this, the Career Center offers vocation evaluations that can give data on your hobbies, capacities, qualities, and identity.

IDENTIFYING OPTIONS: The next step involves identifying “WHAT” your options are when it comes to careers, gathering more information about them, and evaluating each on how well it fits you and what you want in a job.

IMPLEMENTATION: The third step includes making sense of “HOW” to seek after a vocation you’re keen on, including selecting a fitting real, recognizing what sort of experience and different capabilities you will require preceding graduating, and concocting an arrangement for how to get it.

Understudies touch the first junction when they have finished their tenth standard. A couple of understudies who are not under any condition scholastically solid, or can’t bear/figure out how to get advanced education, do certificates, ITI courses or other employment arranged preparing. The larger part proceed onward to PUC/+2 and mark their time for a long time get ready for the section into degree courses that will characterize their vocation.

Here comes the first confusion, to choose the stream for higher studies. The courses after 10th standard in general can be divided into three major categories:

Career Planning: First Phase

This phase of counselling involves self- discovery:
1) Analysis, of early life, past experiences and Acheivment to identify interests, abilities and skills

2) Identification of current word related hobbies by method for tests, inventories or activities

3) Assessment of individual characteristics and needs as they identify with the workplace.

4) Clarification and energy about individual values and objectives as they influence profession choices.

Second Phase: Career and Educational Information

This phase of counselling involves the gathering and finding of available information related to careers. This would involve individual and use of the Career Resource Library in a guided way. This information would be used to develop a set of career goals and an initial ‘career detection’ plan.

Third Phase: Job Search

After achieving Successful educational training comes the phase of Job searching. This phase would involve referral to and the assistance of placement or employment personnel who would focus on finding and securing a proper employment.

Benefits of Career Counselling:

On the off chance that you are attempting to choose your profession or considering changing the course of your expert life, then a couple of well-gone through minutes with a skilful vocation guide may very well kick you off in the right heading. The vocation directing methodology will help you make the certainty, Audacity, learning and methods to viably deal with your own training, profession and clearly life.

Tragically, numerous understudies don’t pay consideration on assess their longings, values, identity, and convictions before enlisting in any post-auxiliary school. Rather, both secondary school and college understudies usually relies on upon the outside data and weight of folks while looking for vocation arranging .Even if your graduate feels extremely sure about their profession choice, it is likely they may even now oblige Career Counseling support with making a compelling and great resume, presentation document ,cleaning their meeting aptitudes to completely furnish themselves with and advance the abilities that bosses are searching for.

Science, Commerce and Arts

A few schools do offer mixes between the over three, most schools and universities have unmistakably characterized discretionary subjects. The most well-known decisions given are Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit, while few chose universities additionally offer French and different dialects too. The four “center” or “discretionary” subjects characterize which class the understudy has a place with which turns into their specialization.

Science: The exceptionally regular mix of discretionary subjects is PCM,PCB,PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology, the most mainstream decision of the individuals who wish to “keep all profession alternatives open”), PCM + Electronics, PCM + Computer Science. Chosen schools do offer Statistics likewise as the fourth subject. The way that for those with Math – fear there is a blend of PCB + Home Science. While more than about six young ladies universities have been putting forth this blend since numerous years, there are schools like Cathedral, Indian Academy, Green Country and schools like Vidya Niketan, who offer this mix to both young men and young ladies. It is huge that Science is additionally a well known decision among brilliant understudies who are not intrigued by a profession in Science or Technology, since it is conceivable and simple to change from Science to Commerce or Arts, however inverse of it is not possible.If you are attempting to choose your vocation or considering changing the course of your expert life, then a couple of well-gone through minutes with a skilful vocation advocate may very well kick you off in the right heading. The vocation directing procedure will help you make the certainty, Audacity, information and methodologies to adequately deal with your own particular training, profession and clearly life.

Lamentably, numerous understudies don’t pay consideration on assess their wishes, values, identity, and convictions before selecting in any post-optional school. Rather, both secondary school and college understudies regularly relies on upon the outside data and weight of folks while looking for vocation arranging .Even if your graduate feels extremely certain about their profession choice, it is likely they may at present oblige Career Counseling aid with making a viable and great resume, presentation document ,cleaning their meeting abilities to completely outfit themselves with and advance the aptitudes that head honchos are searching for.

Commerce : is again an extremely prominent decision of understudies who feel that they are not arranged to science or have less enthusiasm for science or discover the subjects excessively troublesome, or even the individuals who wish to have some spare time in their day by day standard to seek after different courses or additional curricular exercises. While Business Studies and Accountancy are obligatory, the other two discretionary subjects can be chosen from Math, Statistics, Economics, to History, Geography, Political Science, and so forth. Business subjects are discovered to be additionally intriguing by those understudies who in the long run wish to make a vocation in Humanities or Arts..

Arts :  Traditionally this has been viewed as extremely poor when contrasted with other two streams, taken by the individuals who discovered science and trade excessively intense or not intriguing, or did not have sufficient checks in tenth to get confirmation, or were fiscally compelled. The situation has changed surprisingly in the previous decade , and numerous brilliant understudies who are certain & sure of making a vocation that is individuals, dialects , or sociology related, decide on Arts at the +2 level. Here again there is a genuinely wide decision of subjects accessible like Psychology, Sociology, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Logic, and so on.,..

Unusual Combinations: A couple of chose schools offer blends from the over three noteworthy streams, and even far from them. These incorporate mixes like Home Science+ Psychology+ Sociology, or Computer Science+ Commerce subjects. Courses are offered in configuration fields, ecological sciences, physical instruction, and so forth however in extremely chose foundations.

Affirmations in schools for +2 are very focused just among the few presumed establishments that have made a name for themselves through the decades. Cut-off rates frequently go past 90% to get confirmation in the school. In any case, numerous new lesser universities have opened in the previous few years, which are supported by great administration, Teachers and framework , since they haven’t still increased wide introduction, affirmation in those schools is accessible significantly more unreservedly. Numerous schools have likewise overhauled themselves in the previous few years to either add on CBSE/ISC twelfth standard, or to extra a PUC school to the current school. It is justified regardless of the while to look at the most recent records and after that to take affirmation in the best conceivable school.

Additionally one needs to remember that when schools say a specific cut-off rate for confirmation, it is as a rule for their first rundown. With wide mixture being accessible, not all understudies would have the capacity to take affirmation, and henceforth there are second and third records where understudies with lower rate do figure out how to get in. In the event that one is particularly keen on a specific school, it might be right to continue checking with them till all their rundowns are out and confirmations are shut. Additionally, it is fitting that the school ought not be too a long way from the home of the understudy, as important time would be squandered in travel can be utilized for further honing or studies, especially for the aggressive exams which understudy is planning to clear.

Where, how and which way do I complete my + 2?

While understudies who have examined in the State Syllabus (SSLC) settle on the Pre-University Course (PUC), the individuals who have finished their tenth under the ICSE or CBSE educational program regularly ponder whether to proceed in one of these focal syllabus, or to switch over to PUC. The decision has enlarged. Tragically there is no regular response to which would be the best, however a couple of focuses considered may help the understudy take the best choice for his/her brilliant future.

PUC is similarly the simplest, and normal or beneath normal understudies can plan to clear it without an excessive amount of trouble. There are just about 200 PU Colleges in Bangalore city alone, and the decision of both universities and in addition discretionary subjects is most extensive under this stream. Likewise, since the focused CET is in view of the PUC syllabus, an understudy can likewise show signs of improvement rank for admission to building or pharmaceutical in the state

CBSE has a set standard example everywhere throughout the nation (furthermore in numerous remote nations where Indians are in extensive numbers), subsequently an understudy can discover simple affirmation if there should be an occurrence of sudden exchange. It is additionally intended to give an in number establishment, and most CBSE schools keep up exclusive expectations, incorporating in additional curricular exercises. The IIT-JEE, AIEEE and different other All-India selection tests base their inquiries nearest to the CBSE syllabus, thus understudies yearning for such establishments have advantage. Kendriya Vidyalayas and other government associations by and large take after CBSE, giving open door for the salaried class to get quality instruction at an extremely Minimal expense.

ISC is maybe the hardest of the all the Indian +2 exams, however it gives a more extensive mixed bag of subjects to browse, more noteworthy honing of the systematic and thinking personality, and again a decent Layout for different all-India selection tests. Numerous presumed schools that have existed for quite a long time and even a century, offer ISC, and since it is in light of the Senior Cambridge example, its distinguishment in the Common riches and other remote nations is additionally higher.

IB has a different preference for those understudies who intend to seek after their under-graduate studies in Western nations. It is all around perceived, permits more adaptability of studies, yet in India it has the disservice generally exams (in May, with results in July) because of which admission to nearby colleges now and again turns into an obstacle.

NIOS is a most adaptable examination framework gave by Indian government, where understudies have a wide choices accessible to choose any blend of conventional and non-customary subjects, mull over two dialects or one, and can request the exams apathetic stages. It additionally has offices for kids with extraordinary needs. Despite the fact that the overall population is not completely mindful of this alternative, it is a shelter to numerous, and remarkable everywhere throughout the nation.

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