The Ultimate Paradox: Hire slow & Fire fast

job placement assistant

Hiring new employees is a ginormous task for any organisation, most of all a new start up. It is a process that requires meticulous deliberation and oodles of patience. Needless to say, most enterprises jump on the bandwagon and hire the next Tom, Dick, or Harry to fill their vacant seats in a bid to […]

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Choosing the Right Career: Tips for Entry-Level Professionals


There are numerous career options that a freshly graduated student can pursue. However, it is crucial that you invest a lot of thought and time in choosing a suitable career. Once you embark upon that journey, it would be difficult and damaging to change track. So how does a fresher make such an important career […]

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Confused About your career?


Counselling as defined by the oxford dictionary gives two meaning of it-; 1.Give advice (to a person)on social or personal problems 2.The process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve especially personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties. These difficulties are the problems which we face […]

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