Career Darshan provides you Skill Development Programs which can help you enhance all the lacking aspects of your life and career. We provide you a set of programs and courses which will guide your way through all the daunting affairs and will help you achieve the magnificent phases of professional and personal life.

Career Darshan provides you Personality Development Program (PDP). The PDP is not only about Group Discussions and Interviews. It helps you bringing knowledge about your inner-self and also for preparation for various Entrances. The approach behind this learning and exploring oneself is “Knowing oneself is half the battle Won ”. The major elements of this PDP program is explored by three basic approaches like having discussion of I vs You, Group Discussion and Interactions and Face to Face Interviews.

Apart from this Personality Enhancement Sessions, Camera Interview Sessions, Real Life Case Reviews, One-on-One interaction with your mentor, Intensive Feedback after every session and Discussions after individuals gets call for GD and Interviews will also be provided. Besides our experts enlighten you with Personal & Interpersonal Skills, Self Assessment, Time & Resource Management and Practice sessions after one gets Interview Calls.

We have special trainers to help you gain expertise in Communication Skills and excel in every career and path you choose. Career Darshan will help you Chase your Dream.

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